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Why renovate the front of your house?

Renovating your home’s facade is an important project that should not be taken lightly. The front of your home is its most visible element, so it needs to be well designed.

Your home’s exterior is in need of a facelift, right? Read this article to help you address these concerns and make your facade renovation project a reality.

Is there a good reason to do so?

To get the job done right, you need a true professional. Renovating your building’s facade could give it a new look. Renovating the exterior of your building is an investment that increases the value of the property. It is an investment that pays off immediately, as it improves the waterproofing, thermal insulation and soundproofing of the building.

In terms of aesthetics, coatings can offer a wide range of effects, from traditional to ultra-modern.

All your walls will be watertight and protected by the wall coatings. They prevent water from penetrating while allowing air and gas exchanges.

By avoiding heat loss, a new facade will reduce your energy costs. Every ten to fifteen years, the work must be redone.

This can be due to weather, poor exposure, urban pollution or a number of other factors. These elements are responsible for the discoloration of colors and the development of moss and fungus on the plants. The resulting micro-cracks lead to the coating crumbling or peeling in places due to all of the above.

First, scaffolding must be erected to facilitate access and ensure the safety of those who will be working on the facade. A complete cleaning of the walls is necessary, which involves removing the old paint and repointing the damaged areas. Once this is complete, the doors and windows will be covered with a protective film.

How much does it cost to renovate a building’s facade?

Do not hesitate to fill in the quote request form to get in touch with our Luxembourg craftsmen and get an idea of the cost of your facade renovation.

The cost of scaffolding, protection of doors and windows and preparation of the walls should be included in your estimate, so check it before you agree.

Is your facade renovation subsidized?

Retrofitting a building for energy efficiency is possible with government grants.

In addition to serving as the exterior appearance of your home, the facade serves as protection from the weather. It’s a great way to give your home a new look, refresh your existing facade or insulate your walls from the outside.

All your facade renovation needs can be handled at, from simple cleaning to complete siding installation.