Legal notice

Identification of parties

Users: individuals, companies, craftsmen, shopkeepers, architects, condominium managers, local authorities, administrations who are looking for one or several suppliers to provide services (construction, renovation, fitting out, decoration…ration,…).

Suppliers: any professional who can respond to a user’s request for a quote

The provider: R.A. Invest Sàrl, operator of the website

Description of the service

The website is a service that puts potential customers (users) in contact with professionals (suppliers).

In order to be put in contact with one or more suppliers free of charge, the user must fill in the quote request form corresponding to the services he or she wishes to have performed.

The suppliers interested in these quote requests then contact these clients directly to draw up the quotes and, if necessary, perform the services requested.

The website does not allow you to obtain a quote automatically by email.

Estimates are made by professionals established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In most cases, telephone and physical contact is necessary between the user and the supplier so that the latter can draw up an accurate estimate.